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When this web site was created in 2002, it was exclusively an amateur astronomy and stargazing site -- hence the title and domain name. Although the site's focus has broadened, I like the title and domain name and therefore am keeping them. Since turning 70 in 2010, I've been gradually disengaging from some commitments and re-directing my attention and energies. Thus in some of the following, I am now retired or semi-retired (as indicated).

Paul with his 8-inch Celestron

Contact Paul at paulderrickwaco@aol.com

Paul is deeply indebted to his friends and fellow stargazers Patrick Hanna of The Woodlands, TX and Sam Alexander of Waco, webmasters par excellence, for their invaluable assistance in the development of this Web site. The beautiful background image of M51 (interacting galaxies) is used courtesy of George Kidwell of Waco, amateur astronomer and fellow member of the Central Texas Astronomical Society. Thanks guys!